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I started looking forward to this shop ever since I saw it appear in the Northpoint City directory a few months ago. It finally opened a few days ago and of course I went to try it (especially since it is a tea shop hailing from Taiwan).

I tried tieguanyin latte (sadly pearl isn't ready yet) and it occurred to me only much later that the staff didn't ask me for sugar level. But the drink felt just right for me - usually I'll opt for 25%-50% sugar level and anything beyond that is too sweet for me. So I suppose that's a good thing?

And I think the portion is quite worth the money. This cup of tieguanyin latte (600cc) cost me $3.90, which I think is comparable to the drinks in other shops. And yes I believe I would come back again to try their original brews (even though there's going to be 9 drink shops in Northpoint/GV area)

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