Each sourdough, loaf, cakes or dessert are scrupulously baked, I knew I KNEAD to try them week by week 🙈 •

Give them a follow, especially all sourdough lovers and watch them (literally) put bread on the table (pun intended) in the wee hours before most of us begin our day till the late night, working tirelessly to send out fresh bakes daily •

My first taste of the seaweed floss ball; an ideal savory spongy bites, imagine two layers of fluffy chiffon like cake with light cream layered in between and the outside coated with the greatness of chicken floss umami 💯 •

What could possible go wrong with sourdough ? It doesn’t take only a great oven or just quality ingredients but perfecting the skills and patience for a great sourdough, fermented thoroughly like each different batch (rye/quinoa/country) made here. The endless ideas to make with sourdough toast ! •

The more buttery the better, in this instance, the enriched brioche loaf that gives a rich and dense texture that’s perfect with a light spread or perhaps to make French toast •

And it doesn’t stop there ! Bringing on some sweetness, Yuzu Cheesecake that taste refreshing with its Calamansi lime and apricot bits in the cake - their cake of the month for May & June. Don’t miss out ! •

Amongst the extras like kimchi, they have now extended their goodness to orange marmalade spread and homemade herb dried tomatoes in olive oil ! •

Keep your eyes peeled for not only their special & new bakes but also special delivery dates and location which includes the option for a spoilt-for-choices Feast Box ! A little bit of everything for the week 🤤😌 #highlyRAEted •

Feast Box B: Half Loaf Sourdough // Yuzu Cheesecake slice // Nutella Mille Crepe slice // Seaweed Floss Ball // Kimchi RM70 • Seaweed Floss Ball (8pc) RM24 • Brioche Loaf RM18 •

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