In this case, in a specialized Hainan kopitiam from Bentong and not to be missed, their 1 + 1 - coffee and tea combo drink •

Whatever the AM hour is, or even until the late afternoon, it’s perfect for some old school bread/toast with a strong cup of aromatic “kopitiam” coffee. Crunchy and light Hainan bread that goes so well with kaya & butter or a classic whole meal bread but the game changer here is the option for a simple croissant with ham and cheese ! •

A Malaysian breakfast spread simply doesn’t just end there though ! Don’t forget to fill your morning with Char Kuey Teow, picking your own sides for Chee Chong Fun or Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee from store in Thong Kee to make it complete ! 🤤 •

Again, just another gentle note, do not pass on their iced 1+1 that goes so well with the spread. Especially when it gets so crowded and hot, it can be quite a thirst quencher •

If you still prefer to stay home, fret not as they can be found on Grab or Foodpanda for convenience 😉 •

Ham & Cheese Croissant RM6.90 • Hainan Roti Bakar/Steam w Butter & Kaya RM1.90 • Ham & Egg Wholemeal Steam RM5 • 1+1 iced RM2.70 •

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