This time, we decided to visit Tolido's on a weekday for breakfast and we were glad that there wasn't much of a queue! Would definitely encourage visiting the cafe on a weekday instead to avoid the snaking queue on weekends!

We ordered the rosti with cheesy sausage and the food was served really fast today (<10 min) as well! We liked that the dish was served piping hot and the rosti was really crispy on the outside! The rosti was lightly fried and as a result, the sides were not really burnt/charred. We felt that the rosti was delicious enough on its own although you can pair it with the sour cream served at the side if that's how you prefer to have it. The dish comes with a sunny side up and two sausages with cheese filling; while the sausages were great, you probably want to be careful with the filling as it was really hot.

The dish is priced at $18++, which is pretty reasonable and average for your usual cafe fare.

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