3 course lunch (S$40+) Popup at @AirShipMonniker on 28 & 29 July 2018
Taking over the space formerly occupied by Bistro Du Vin.
By Jordan Lim Zhuodan, Ching Ian Tan, Tay Jin Rong, Edison Low
@SeaFarmersUbin Oysters
raw & poached (lemongrass, lime leaf)
Somen in fish and chicken broth, topped with scallion and kombu oil
@Kuhlbarra Barramundi
local greens, turmeric, curry leaf
Toh Thye San French Poulet
local greens, panggang demi-glace .
@HayDairies Goat 🐐 Milk
pandan, cream cheese, corn 🌽, ginger flower
Interestingly the goat 🐐 milk wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought. Slightly gamey but balanced by the pandan flavour and strong flavoured ginger flower.
Location : 56 Zion Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 247 781
opposite Great World City, besides Zion Riverside Food Centre
Beside Pepperoni, look out for red door with glass panels

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