I am not a fan of white pepper. If given a choice between local white peppery Bak Kut Tell, and the Malaysian herbal counterpart, I'd choose the latter anyday. But the sauce of JB Ah Meng's white pepper crab is simply magical, so much so that I forget that I'm eating a dish that has White Pepper in it and in it's name.

Whilst it can be a tad bit salty, I really enjoyed the dish alot. Its our first time here so I didn't reserve any crabs when I called to reserve the table, thinking that there might have stock. Oh boy were we wrong. Whilst we were ordering our food, we could hear staff from the kitchen shouting out the remaining stock of large and medium crabs, and the wait staff hustled us to quickly get the large ones before it was snapped out. And she was right. It snapped out before we finished our order. We settled for the small ones.

Lesson learnt. Reserve dem crabs, people!

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