Used to be one of my fav bkt places in sg and the only place I will order the dry bkt to eat. The dry bkt is slightly spicy but still acceptable (I don’t take spice) But the last time I went in August the standards dropped 🥺 IM SO SAD. Oh and the location is quite inaccessible for ppl w/o cars. Even if you drive, parking may be a problem since they are along the main road. P.S they are v stingy with soup refills probably cuz it’s the herbal kind😒
• Dry Ba Kut Teh ($11.50)
• Ba Kut Teh Soup ($7.70)
• Stewed Small Intestines ($7.70)
• Braised Peanut ($1.20)
• Rice ($0.90)
• Tau Kee ($1.20)
• You Tiao ($1)