The “Chye Tow Kway” at #01-103 has been in operation for about a month but it isn’t opened by a new hawker. In fact the middle-aged couple running it was selling “Kueh” and drinks at this same stall before. But according to them, about twenty years ago, they had sold fried carrot cake too.
I decided to order a plate after spying a customer waltzing past me with their #chyetowkway. It made sense to get the 2-in-1 ($5) as I could try both the black and white styles at the same time. I was really quite pleased with how it turned out because the fundamentals I care about were satisfied. First and foremost, this stall’s “kway” or carrot cake, is very soft (I am not into the firm style personally). Secondly, they are generous with the garlic of which I am a fan. #thereisnosuchthingastoomuchgarlic
Taste is subjective of course, so I guess the easiest way to know if you like a dish enough is whether you would order it again. And for this, I definitely would.