So here’s why I braved the Sunday crowd at BUNDT - the mini banana breads. I had a regular banana bread with jumbo dark chocolate chips and a double chocolate banana bread with walnuts (chocolate base with jumbo dark chocolate chips for a double dose of chocolate).

The smell of the loaves were heavenly and many were still being freshly cling wrapped. I can see why these banana breads are so popular - they’re incredibly moist and soft, plus they definitely aren’t stingy with the chocolate chips. I really really love the double chocolate banana bread, it’s got so much chocolate it’s more like a rich chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chunks and some pieces of mushed banana. That said, you can still taste the banana in the bread pretty strongly! The walnuts provide a nice contrast to the chocolate with some crunchiness, and aren’t all that bitter. I’m not usually a fan of walnuts but I think they’re a great match in this loaf!

Not sure if it’s because we ate it a few hours later but the bananas did taste a teeny bit fermented. Probably best to enjoy and savour ASAP or refrigerate. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the banana bread very much though I’m not sure if I want to make a return visit on a weekend with such long queues and possible disappointment.

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