The real reason why I accepted the invite to @thegoodburgersg was to have another Night In Bangkok ($20 for a single Impossible patty). I found it to be the best burger the last time I was at The Goodburger, albeit with a lot of unfulfilled potential. This time, the One Night In Bangkok was vastly improved.⠀

The main downer about the earlier iteration of this burger was the lack of secret Thai-inspired sauce, and The Goodburger has laid it on extra thick this time to my delight. The luscious lemongrass powered concoction is satisfyingly sapid and slightly chunky thanks to the inclusion of chopped onions within the sauce, leasing it’s tantalising Thai characteristics to the Impossible patty. ⠀

As per the last time, the buns are absolute perfection. Shockingly, they’re just plain white bread buns. Not brioche, not potato, not anything fancy, just ordinary buns fashioned into something out of a delightful dream.⠀

Still, I do think that this meatless burger could be elevated a further step closer to nirvana with the inclusion of sliced red onions pickled in a distinctly Thai vinaigrette mix, or some sharp & spicy green mango mix on the burger for more textural variety. I do believe that The Goodburger is arguably the best Impossible burger merchant round town, mainly because it’s their specialty and sole focus. And when you focus down something as hard as these folks, you tend to get good.⠀

Thanks for the invite, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!