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Bloody Beautiful Burgers

Bloody Beautiful Burgers

The person who invented the burger probably didn't foresee just how far burgers have evolved since it was created (probably by accident). If he/she did, they would probably have wept tears of joy over some of these breathtaking burgers.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

@shakeshacksg Shackmeister burger is just a standard Shackburger, minus the vegetables, but with the addition of deep fried shallots. These deep fried shallots ain’t just any old, boring shallots, they’ve been marinated in Shake Shack’s proprietary Shackmeister Ale. A subtle sweetness is imparted from the ale to the shallots, and it’s a nice changeup from the intense onslaught of the salty, beefy flavours from the burger.⠀

Yes, of course I had a double Shackmeister ($14.40). You don’t get to be my size without going big & living large. It’s an insanely indulgent burger, with the juicy, scintillatingly seasoned pair of beef patties accentuated & augmented by the sapid, stellar ShackSauce. That’s wedged between those perfect potato buns, which were slightly sweet, deliciously dense & sinfully soft. It could’ve all been too much of a good thing, but the light, airy crunchiness of the deep fried shallots were there to keep me going strong.⠀

Still, having a cup of lemonade or a refreshing beer on hand to wash down the rich, delicious greasiness is still strongly advised. I wanted a pint of the Shackmeister ale to wash down this tasty burger, but it seems like they used all the ale to deep fry those scrumptious shallots. Also, I don’t think I’ve lavished enough praise on Shake Shack’s fantastic french fries. Yes, they’re plain, but by God these fries are fabulous. Crispy, salty and absurdly addictive, these spuds are simply stunning.⠀

Oh well, I’ve still got fourteen more days to wash down fourteen more of these tasty burgers with fourteen pints of Shackmeister ale. That’s the plan, that’s the hope, that’s the dream.

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If memory doesn’t fail me, @wildfireburgers.sg used to operate at 313 Somerset before they suddenly shut down. However, they’ve made a rather quiet comeback at NAFA, directly across the street from Sunshine Plaza. They now serve up brilliant beef burgers & fantastic fried chicken, along with a monthly special.⠀

November’s special is this homely looking Signature Chicken Burger ($11 nett), which tends to run out of stock pretty rapidly everyday. A ‘GG’ French Poulet (a breed of chicken from Sabres, France) Boneless Chicken Thigh Fillet from Toh Thye San Farms is grilled to glorious perfection before becoming the marvellously mouthwatering meat in the ultra T H I C C brioche bun sandwich. Said brioche buns are toasted to perfection and have been slathered with kimchi mayonnaise, and finally the whole shebang is garnished with pickled onions.⠀

It’s a simple sandwich, but it’s quite unbeatable. The main flavour provider is that utterly umami kimchi mayo, which provides a sprightly spiciness & a little tartness alongside the deep, salty creaminess of the mayonnaise. As a matter of fact, Wildfire could’ve slathered on that majestic mayo more liberally which would greatly heighten the already potent piquancy of this chicken burger, but no complaints, no regrets.⠀

I didn’t think it possible for chicken to melt in the mouth, but this thigh fillet pretty much did that. It’s immensely juicy, yet the texture & weightiness of the chicken was ethereally light. The smokiness from the grill had thoroughly permeated every atom of chicken, and as weird as it sounds, it’s like eating majestically meaty & joyously juicy smoke. The buns may look a little too thick, but like the rest of the burger, they were ludicrously light & far, far too easy to gobble down. The sweet pickled onions were divinely inspired, adding a sweet, sharp tang that bound the entire burger together for a maelstrom of mouthwatering magnificence.⠀

This burger may not look like it, but it’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. GG WP indeed.


I tried to order the bao burgers, or ‘baogers’ as I like to call em, from @zoeysdiner twice. Unfortunately, @grabfoodsg has a terrible problem with finding drivers to deliver food, so I was left disappointedly starving on both occasions. Well, third time’s the charm, and I was chowing down on the Crispy Ebi Cake baoger after about an hour or so.⠀

At $14.40 for a full set with sweet potato fries and a brilliant black sugar caramel oolong milk tea, it ain’t too shabby. I did add on a little extra for a slice of chicken honey ham, and it was worth it. It was more of a steak than a slice of ham, and yes, it superbly satisfied my inner carnivore.⠀

The un-upgraded Crispy Ebi Cake baoger is decent enough on its own. The wasabi mayo was pretty powerful, with enough wasabi to clear out any sinuses. The ebi cake, while delightfully deep fried, wasn’t very flavourful. It relied far too much on the wonderful wasabi mayo, and could be seasoned a lot better. Texturally, it’s excellent with a nice bounciness with every bite, while the bao buns were a little soggy. They could’ve definitely been lightly toasted or panfried for a little more texture, which would help to elevate the burger.⠀

The baogers from @zoeysdiner are decent enough, but there’s a fair bit of improvement that could be made to the baogers to make them even more irresistibly indulgent.

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I never found time to try out @threebunssg, but they found me at home with @deliveroo_sg. Yeah, now I regret every single day that I’ve missed out on all their brilliant burgers. The Fun Boy Three ($26.75 before delivery charge) was a real fungi (geddit?) thanks to yuge portobello mushroom perched upon the thick, marvellously meaty beef patty.⠀

I like big burgs and I cannot lie, you other brothas can’t deny. I want ‘em real thick and juicy, and the Fun Boy Three definitely delivers. The Tasmanian Vintage beef patty is scintillatingly savoury, satisfyingly meaty, and jubilantly juicy. It could do with more char on the exterior, but that’s a minor nitpick in all honesty.

The earthy, moreish mushroom which has been swaddled in melted smoked applewood cheddar just increases the absolute satisfaction of each and every bite. The meat & mushroom is lubed up with a tremendously tantalising truffle aioli AND garlic miso butter, and the lubed up meat is jammed between two fluffy, pillowy and tanned big buns. That ain’t just satisfaction, that’s a food orgasm.

Three Buns’ house fries are absolutely addictive, and despite taking a 45 minute road trip to my crib, they were still compellingly crisp on the outside while being soft & savoury on the inside. Of course, it gets brought back to life after reheating for ten minutes in a conventional oven, and the burger gets a second wind after taking five in an oven.⠀

The Fun Boy Three is certainly expensive, but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t well worth every damn penny I invested into it.

@wildbloomssg has a fabulously felicitous fried fish fillet burger going for $13.90 nett, and it’s quite easily one of the better fish burgers round town. It don’t look like much, but this is a classic case of the insides counting for more than outward appearances.⠀

I’ve never understood the whole charcoal burger bun thing, and it’s really just a fluffy, satisfyingly carb loaded bun that’s coloured black. It’s the fish fillet that makes this burger so extremely enjoyable. The chunky fish is encased in a light, crispy batter, and both batter & fillet are scintillatingly seasoned. There’s a lot of hate out there for American cheese, which is essentially processed Kraft cheese. However, it is the perfect fit for a fantastic fried fish fillet such as this one mounted between these buns.⠀

I’m not a fan of the decidedly un-aesthetic shredded lettuce, which could be replaced by so many other more appealing vegetables, or perhaps by a colourful coleslaw. Still, this is most certainly one of the more outstanding fish burgers. No doubt about it.

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@burgerandlobstersg is, unsurprisingly, a posh(ish) restaurant that specialises in burgers and, you guessed it, lobsters. What is surprising, however, is that they deliver on @grabfoodsg these days. I’ve kept an eye on them since they opened and there was no way I was gonna pass on this golden opportunity.⠀

I thought the B&L Beast Burger would cost a kidney or something due to it being the most expensive burger on the menu, but it was a tolerable $21.40 before delivery charges. A thick, juicy Nebraskan beef patty and two fresh lobster claws get a beautiful blanket of melted Brie cheese before being enveloped by two halves of a brilliant brioche bun.⠀

The verdict? Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger. While it’s not a revolutionary burger that’s a must try before you die, it’s still a stellar burger. While the mildly briny & sweet lobster claws get overpowered by the bold burger flavours, they’re still excellent with their mild flavours. Best enjoyed separately, that’s for sure. As for the beef itself, it was sensationally seasoned, joyously juicy and superbly satisfying to devour.

While this burger ain’t that much of a beast, it’s still a beauty.

@meatsmith_sg are meat maestros, but their burgers are definitely over performing and overshadowing the other mains. Besides their stellar world beater of a double cheeseburger, their beautiful beef marmalade cheeseburger is priced at a very modest $20++.⠀

One of same brisket patties that goes into the standard issue double cheeseburger is present. The replacement for the other patty is an obscenely concentrated beef marmalade. Don’t expect subtlety or balance here, this burger is an all out assault on your tastebuds.⠀

The beef marmalade is composed of pulled beef and onions, caramelised in a redolent reduction that is equally sweet and salty. It’s very nearly an overload for the tongue, and the richness is cranked up to eleven. And finally that majestic marmalade is panfried before it gets loaded on top of one of Meatsmith’s perfect patties. The pickles, while sharp and zesty, aren’t quite enough to cut through the maelstrom of meaty marvellousness.

And that, folks, is how you get the perfect burger that’s been engineered for pleasure. Y’all best remember this about all of Meatsmith’s burgers: THEY DON’T MISS

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So, you’re out here on the yuuugest weekend bender before the month long lockdown kicks in. Before you get in too deep, remember to fuel yourself up with palatable pub grub, such as @tacomantra Double Cheeseburger ($24++). Available exclusively at @freehousesg.⠀

Twenty four plus plus for a stunningly stacked double patty cheeseburger ain’t bad. Two thicc, flavoursome juicy beef patties are blanketed in a very comfy layer of melted cheese and topped with bacon onion jam. The dill pickle mayo applied on the bun adds a fair bit of sourness & acidity to the meaty, fabulously flavoured burger and makes it one of the most complete burgers in the world.⠀

Yeah alright, the burger is kinda basic. But it’s a brilliantly basic burger that can easily hold its own against much of the competition.

Mucho grassy ass to @tacomantra for generously hosting us, and to @burpple for fixin’ this up!

I promised a review yesterday, so here’s the verdict of the burger comparison that was inevitable, just like Thanos. Five Guys (the burger joint, not the meme) have the bigger, beefier & greasier burgers that’ll satisfy the big boys. In the opposite corner, @shakeshacksg has the less guilt inducing but no less delicious burger. Both are respectably sized burgers that’ll stuff you right up, so no worries about leaving unfulfilled. Unlike me every time I stumble out of a bar.⠀

As for the Shack Stack™ itself, a slim beef patty is the beefy bed upon which the deep fried, two cheese stuffed portobello mushroom lies. Enveloped by two halves of the Shack’s fluffy and stupendously soft proprietary potato buns, the Stack is stacked and is quite a girthy mouthful. Primarily due to the portobello, of course.⠀

Don’t get it twisted, the beef patty isn’t miserly, it’s just thinner than most decent burger joints would do ‘em. It’s still superbly seasoned, it’s just less satisfying due to the lesser amount of meat. That’s where the deep fried mushroom comes in. Said mushroom is thick and commendably chewy, more than enough to make up for the lack of meaty satisfaction.⠀

The cheddar & Muenster cheese stuffed within is satisfyingly salty & gooey enough to give you a decent #cheesepull insta pic, but don’t expect anything ludicrous. Instead, it does its job of flavouring the portobello and adding cheesy richness to the burger remarkably well.⠀

As for the buns, as @haveadumpling mentioned long ago, the buns aren’t fully separated as they’re still conjoined at the back (see pic 2). This forms a burger pocket, and it’s pure genius. All the juices & cheese flow to the back as you work your way down the Stack, and that last bit of bun is fabulously flavoursome.⠀

Stack em up, and I’ll knock ‘em down. Absolute burger brilliance, I tell ya. Oh and those Shack fries? Easy shoo in for best chunky crinkle cut fries I’ve ever had, believe me.


So I heard through the grapevine that Meatsmith is basically operating as a charity on Tuesdays, sending out their double cheeseburgers for a grand total of $10++. Or as @indulgentism put it: they’re open for robbery.⠀

Now, the burger may be discounted, but ain’t nothin’ about this brilliant beauty of a burger is cheap. The patties are made from a novel blend that surprised even me. Half the patty is raw ground wagyu brisket, and its other half is...y’all ready for this revelation? It’s ground up wagyu brisket that’s been smoked using Jarrah wood, which is this morning’s wood (ehehehehe giggity giggity goooo).⠀

Yep, that’s right, Meatsmith’s vaunted Cheeseburger is essentially a brisket burger. Normally a burger patty is made out of a blend of chuck, brisket and sirloin for a profoundly pleasurable patty, and an extra touch of tallow if the chef is extra fancy. However, the Meatsmith Cheeseburger is one of the most strikingly sumptuous burgers I’ve ever had. The unmistakable woody smokiness of the smoked brisket half definitely comes through with every bite.

The patty itself is a case study in how to season a burger patty to stellar sapidity. Perfectly salted & unforgettably umami, the juicy patty will make your dinner #litaf and will easily dominate your dreams for weeks after. The humble American cheese slices on each patty, as well as the perfect potato buns that are tastefully toasted, ensure that the Cheeseburger is firmly entrenched in the God tier of burgers.⠀

Yeah, I know, the virus is still out there, but it’s more than worth it to risk it for the brisket. Yep, I’m a burgler, and I have no ragrets.

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Is the One Night In Bangkok ($20 for a single impossible patty, $26 for double pleasure) named as such because it isn’t what it seems like on the outside? We’ll never know.⠀

What we do know, however, is that it is the most delicious of the ménage a trois that is @thegoodburgersg menu. An ordinary Impossible patty is jazzed up into savoury superstardom thanks to a secret Thai inspired sauce that includes lemongrass and what I swear is fish sauce, even though the owners say it ain’t so. It’s slightly but surely spicy, utterly unctuous & unforgettably umami, and it makes for a bangin’ burger.⠀

I do wish, however, that there was a lot more of that scintillating sauce on the burger. That’s right, there was an annoying lack of tantalising Thai titillation in the burger.

That aside, at $20 nett, One Night In Bangkok is a decent value faux-meat burger that’s relatively easy to justify to your wallet.


Wolf Burgers has been around for years at pasarbella, and it’s been pretty reliable down through the years. A pair of thicc, xtra joocy medium rare patties dressed with sliced cheese & caramelised onions engulfed between a pair of bouncy brown buns should be the most complete meal a man can get.

Well, there was one thing missing this time unfortunately.


Also $6 cheese fries ain’t really worth it. It’s good, but not worth six bucks.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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