From Sin Cuisine 新一代 at Koufu Cathay Cineleisure; the name also runs another branch at Ang Mo Kio where Roast Paradise used to be.

Going for their Roast Pork and Char Siew Noodles, the latter was pretty much almost the same as what Roast Paradise offers; the caramelised exterior of the Char Siew being fairly sweet, whilst also carrying a slight crispness on certain parts, while the meat was fatty and melt-in-the-mouth — great to have even on its own. The Roast Pork was a little different using a different spice rub that is still immensely savoury though may be a little dry to some, with a crisp skin over the top. Noodles come tossed in a light sauce that is slightly different from that of the usual ones that are used in other stalls, though still rather savoury though not particularly heavy-handed; the noodles also differing slightly from the typical roast meat noodles by carrying a firmer texture with a bite. A pretty underrated option in the food court, and certainly a value-for-money eat at the usual food court prices; something I would certainly have again another time if I am in the area.