From newly-opened Dot & Dash at High Street Centre; a new cafe that serves the office crowd focusing on takeaways despite seats available both indoors and outdoors — the menu features a few sandwiches, croissants and tarts; each item can be bundled with coffee to form a set.

Can't really complain much about the sandwich given how this place primarily serves up takeaway-centric fare with pre-made sandwiches heated up upon order. That being said, the sandwich though crusty, was a little sharp around the edges and it's hard not to get your gums cut by the bread. The rather dry cheese also affected the entire taste of the sandwich, though it's one of the items one would probably find in reheated sandwiches usually — overall pretty decent considering what the direction of where the place is headed. Probably a good spot for office folks around to grab a fuss-free lunch and coffee in the area.