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Opened recently at where now-defunct C Plus Cafe is right opposite where Non Entrée Desserts is at the same row of shophouses where Mrs Pho House is located, Gather The Misfits is a new cafe that serves up toasties and waffles with ice-cream in the day with specialty coffee brewed using a blend of beans roasted by Prodigal Cafe amongst other beverages available.

A rather simple affair, the Prosciutto with Black Garlic Mayo is something that suits those who like heavier flavours — the Prosciutto carried a savoury note; saltish flavours typical of cured meat, while the black garlic mayo helps to bind the meats and the toasts with its garlicky creaminess. The toast was also equally satisfying; crisp on the exterior without being overly dense, while the garden salad at the side comes tossed with Goma dressing for a roasty, nutty hint of flavours. A pretty cosy spot for a quiet cuppa and something light away from the crowds.


From the newly-opened Starter Lab at Havelock Road; a brand that is pretty established for their housemade breads back in Bali, Indonesia.

Having had a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches prior, the Starter Lab 3 Cheese is possibly the best we have ever had. Baked in-house fresh on a daily basis, the sourdough toast is pretty crusty and crisp on the exterior; the bread carrying a good bite and chew with a slight tension with every bite — the sourness from the fermantation process also being clearly evident as well, which is already great to have on its own without any condiments. Using a mix of three cheeses, the cheese gives a satisfying cheese pull that works for the 'gram; the cheese being all melted, oozy and stretchy that it's ultimately savoury and comforting — pretty impressive overall. Coming with a side of pickled jalapeños, the pickled jalapeños helped to add some sweetness in between, whilst also introducing a fiery kick that refreshes the taste buds for those who might find the dish a tad heavy due to the immense cheesiness. An item which we really love, the only gripe came from the service however — a particular wait staff pulling a disgusted face over clearing barely-stained tissue papers and the table is not one would expect from a cafe; not a big issue overall considering its a single individual but you get what I mean...


From Micro Bakery and Kitchen, which can be said to be the spiritual successor of The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough at Serene Centre. Serving sourdough toasts and sandwiches, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is part of their sandwiches menu which starts from 09:30am. Featuring elements such as a Mustard Tomato Jam and Sauerkraut, the sandwich also comes with sourdough toast that is baked fresh daily in-house; crusty on the exterior whilst being chewy within — the sourness from the fermentation process being distinct but not overpowering. In between the sauerkraut helps to cut through the heaviness of the cheese with a its light, zingy notes and soft crunch — the cheese being all melted and stringy, being a mix of cheddar, brie and mozzarella. The Mustard Tomato Jam was the highlight though; bright and tangy, it serves as a flavourful dip that helps to enhance the flavours of the sandwich; a hearty and tasty combination that compliments each other well. Something that we would not mind having again!


From Stack, a new concept from the folks behind The Black Hole Group, operating from Camelia & Co.; the group’s co-working space concept at Jalan Klapa. Offering takeaway sandwiches, patrons can choose to dine-in at the open-air dining area outside the co-working space. The Makcik comes with elements such as Rye, Tri-Tip Beef Rendang, Garlic Aioli, Bruised Tomatoes, Garden Greens, Pickled Onions and Fresh Jalapeño. A interesting sandwich with a local infusion, the Makcik shines where the Beef Rendang carries a slight gamey flavour with a familiar note of spices that is signature to rendang — the beef being served pulled and carried a tender yet fibrous texture. The other elements created a mix of textures for the dish, but the jalapeños help add that bite with a burst of spiciness that tingles the tastebuds; essentially enhancing the level of spiciness for the dish — all that in between Rye that was sufficiently dense and crusty that provides a substantial bite. Pretty decent, with a generous portion too!


So after passing by x number of times, having noted down fellow Burpple Tastemaker Michelle Kayla Tey's recommendation and basically just forgetting to try them out for there is always another agenda whenever I am at Katong, I finally made my long overdue visit to Sandwich Saigon Cafe at East Coast Road to check the Banh Mi out. To say the least, I actually found this to be one of the better Banh Mi around in Singapore — one where all the condiments actually gel well with the bread being used (other Banh Mi do feel like a badly constructed sandwich — the condiments play their own show whilst being stuffed in between the bread for the sake of it; lacks character and at most, serviceable). The bread here lacks the distinct crispness, but compensates with chewiness; perhaps the reason why it actually went well with the similarly chewy strips of pork belly with a good proportion of fat and ham that comes with a slight peppery flavour. The pickled vegetables provide a refreshing crunch, and helps to cleanse the tastebuds off the meatiness. I personally would probably still prefer the Banh Mi I have had at Bami Express a while ago between the two for it's more flavourful, but this comes as a close second for its brilliant grasp of texture that sets it apart from the majority of Banh Mi out there.


Honestly wasn't expecting much from the sandwich here but this turned out better than what we thought — crispy fried chicken smothered with wasabi mayo, pickled vegetables and corn in between dark rye sourdough. The toast itself was chewy yet crisp, while they seemed generous with the portion of fried chicken in between — the wasabi mayo delivers the punch by providing a good amount of flavours that always edges close to being numbing; seriously shiok as it tickles the tastebuds. The pickled vegetables cuts through nicely with the mellow hint of sourness, while the fries on the side were crisp and well seasoned.


Thought that this was not too bad but could have been a lot more impressive with better execution. Coming with elements such as roasted broccoli, roasted red pepper, caramalised onions, sautéed oyster mushrooms, pepperjack & cheddar and mustard aioli in between Ciabatta, this felt like a pizza sandwich in general from the cheesiness within the sandwich while the bite form the broccoli and familiar flavours of red pepper. Not sure if I was expecting a lot more than this, but it did feel like the Ciabatta was missing some sort of crisp, while the roasted broccoli felt relatively unimpressive; it just lacked the texture and flavour of the burnt florets I was thinking about. No doubt the flavour profile was palatable and would work for some, but it just felt like it was missing the gastronomic factor — something I guess I was really looking forward to considering the association with Park Bench Deli here. Probably ordering the meatier items would have been a better option.


Apart from pasta, .elia also serves up a variety of sandwiches. Pulled pork, Russian Dressing and Rocket in between slices of Sourdough toast, the pulled pork wasn't overly wet and was actually pretty flavorful without carrying a porky stench. The Russian Dressing adds a dimension of creaminess to the pulled pork, while enhancing the overall flavours by adding a tangy, somewhat spiced flavour to the sandwich. The rocket helps to cut through the creaminess and meatiness, providing a refreshing crunch that helps balances everything that is going on in between the slices of crusty toast.


From Mr Kneady's at Bedok Marketplace which serves up sourdough and other breads (like the Rugbrød here) in loaves, while also serving up a limited menu of sandwiches and Smørrebrød as well.

The Smørrebrød is an open-faced sandwich that uses the Rugbrød as a base; the Smørrebrød itself that is 80% Rye and 20% White and comes speckled with loads of seeds and nuts. I really liked how the bread is crisp on the exterior while moist within for this one, carrying a hint of smokiness while the nuts and seed adds crunch to the sandwich. The salami adds a hint of savoury flavour typical of cured meat, while the pickles cut through the saltiness with its tartness with a zesty, juicy crunch. The cracked Pepper helps add that fresh, peppery aroma to the entire sandwich. At $3.50, I would say it works as a light breakfast/lunch, or even as a fun side to have at the table whilst trying out the other stalls around The Bedok Marketplace.


Wanted to have a Garlic Kouign Amann for dinner but went for this instead since they were out of my initial order.

I wasn't expecting much, but I found this to be overall pretty decent especially for days I might be craving for something meaty but not wanting to eat too much. The bread can be a little stiff to some, but I would still call it crusty especially since it was toasted before serving. Sure, the Chorizo is a little bit generic especially with a relatively thick casing, but the spicy, cured flavours is something I found comfort in (probably a guilty pleasure of mine though) with rocket and capsicums; the latter adds a little zippiness to cut through the meatiness, yet complimenting the chorizo at the same time; found the almonds a rather unnecessary addition though. Not a bad item for a light lunchtime treat.


Had to make my way to school on an off day to work on a school assignment; there was time for breakfast so it was a trip down to Serene Centre to grab a sandwich from The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough before heading to school to meet the group mates.

Thought this works superbly well for those who might not be so receptive about the sour tang that the bread has from its fermentation — the kimchi's own sour tang seems to have masked the sourness from the fermentation of the bread pretty well, while introducing a hint of spiciness that goes great for those who like their food to come with a kick. Shaved cheddar helps to bind the bread and the kimchi both texturally and in terms of flavour, providing a little savoury stringiness to the sandwich. Very comforting, especially with the crisp bread that's all to die for in a toasted sandwich like this.


Hadn't been back to The Lokal for brunch in a while and they had since refreshed their menu. This Grilled Mortadella Ciabatta fits smaller appetites that crave for meats — it's a pretty compact sandwich that sees Kale, Cheese, Mortadella (an Italian sausage) and Onion Jam in between crisp Ciabatta bread grilled. The Mortadella carries flavours reminiscent of luncheon meat; a very comforting flavour especially given how this tasted exceptionally clean without being overly briny and salty — in fact, it's so clean it leaves no aftertaste. The cheese is all satisfying, giving the pull desired in cheese sandwiches without being overly cheesy (after all, this ain't a grilled cheese sandwich) while the kale gives it a good balance with some greens in between the cheese and meat. Certainly one of those sandwiches I wouldn't mind eating even if I am craving something lighter than a full-sized sandwich.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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