Definitely not the cleanest-looking collage I've put together, but this is what tzi char dishes are like - big, bold and complex flavours going on with a variety of components on a single plate.

Seafood is clearly the star of the show here. The Hokkien Mee costs a hefty $14 (small) for something comparable to a good $3 plate from a hawker centre. The chilli crab's sauce was superb for being thick and creamy, not too sweet and sufficiently spicy (best with their deep fried mantou which costs $1 per piece 😥). The fish head steamboat was over $80 (😱), but it was the largest I've ever seen and the soup was down right rich and flavourful. Finally, nobody really leaves this restaurant without getting their US Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($14 for 100g, min. 600g to order) which was cooked to a perfect medium. It comes with 3 dippings, potato wedges, and fried rice cooked with beef fat (arteries-clogging food right there).

This is a place you'll probably go only once a year because no middle-class citizens like many of us would spend $400+ on a meal for six.