One of my favourite sliced fish soups. Love the thick slices of fresh fish and the absolutely yummy soup!

Usually, the queue is long on weekdays. (They don’t operate on weekends). While the queue is long, the food is totally worth the wait. Anyway, because of the long queue, this stall doesn’t allow customers to takeaway. They used to allow people to choose ‘black’ (fried), ‘white’ or mixed, but now, it is only the mixed version.

They usually use ‘Batang’ fish (马鲛鱼/ Tengiri). But when supply is low/ prices are high, they will substitute with another type of fish... like the one In the photograph (aka Sheng Yu). But they will try to give you more slices if that’s the case as the price of Sheng Yu is half the price of Batang.

In the past, they would be sold out by 1 plus in the afternoon. Now, you probably still stand a chance at 2pm.

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