Hard boiled egg, daikon radish, chikuwa, fried fish cake with burdock, konjac, mochi kinchaku, horseradish, kombu seaweed

I love oden and have been wanting to try the one at Sanpoutei Ramen [$11.80++] for the longest time (the quest to find delicious oden is never-ending) 🍢

Queued up for > half an hour just to get a table (not sure why the restaurant is so crowded on a weekday evening but I guess due to social distancing measures, there are fewer tables) and then I waited another half an hour or more for my dinner 😓 Feel like the staff could have at least told me how long I would have to wait for my meal to arrive. My dad finished eating his dinner long before my food appeared. I’m guessing all the ingredients are frozen in their respective packets and so they had to defrost / heat up / boil all the ingredients etc.

The ‘mustard’ is actually horseradish and it’s extremely strong. I could feel it in not just my nose/sinus but also my brain (LEGIT NOT KIDDING YOU CAN GOOGLE THIS IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!!) 😓 It actually also fell into the broth so it was kind of like consuming wasabi soup. But otherwise, the broth was delicious. I also enjoyed the chikuwa and daikon and fishcake with burdock. The moneybag wasn’t so amazing and didn’t have any veggies. It hd mochi inside I believe, but I’m not a big fan of the texture of the fishcake/tofu(?)

I would say this oden is good, not bad, well priced. But the waiting time is quite long, so that’s something to consider! Personally I would say the best oden I’ve had so far in SG would be at Shukuu Izakaya. This is only the 2nd restaurant in Singapore where I’ve had oden. I believe another Japanese restaurant in Tanjong Pagar also specialises in oden but I’ve yet to visit - it’s called The Public Izakaya. Will try that out next time!

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