This casual humble skewer joint is the perfect place for a chill weeknight wind down with some friends. Being right beside the Geylang River means breezy evenings even with outdoor seats. Though small, Sa Tae Bak serves a really wicked selection of yummy bites, guaranteed to please even the pickiest of eaters.

I have too many favourites, but if I have to choose, I'll start with a plate of Cold Tofu with Century Egg ($3.50) for sharing. Then, I'll enjoy some grilled skewers and bites β€” the juicy Thigh with Leek ($1.50), some tasty Quail Egg with Mentaiko ($2), Rice Cake enveloped in Bacon ($2), Pork Belly with Onion ($2) and Shemeiji Bacon ($2.50), ending with a nice Grilled Fresh Oyster ($4.50). Ahhh, all these whole sipping on some cold icy Highball ($6).

What a beautiful evening.