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I’ve forgotten just how good Lady M’s mille crepes are. In fact, it’s actually been about 6 years since I last had anything from this establishment. But man, wolfing this down had me wondering why I’ve missed out on their desserts this long.

The Marron Mille Crepe, which comes at $9.50 per slice, is a testament to the adage that hard work pays off. Crepe pancakes, chantily cream, marron bits, painstakingly assembled layer by layer, gather to unleash one of the most satisfying textures you’ll ever get in a cake. I imagine constructing this dessert to be tedious and time-consuming, which makes me appreciate it even more.

The only shortfalls to this though, were its steep pricing and that the flavour of the chestnut is too faint to discern. I couldn’t get the unique sweetness of a chestnut. But otherwise, this was pretty marvelous. I’m planning a next visit as we speak! (8.1/10)