I saw post that they decided to remove old burger from the menu on end oct :"( and good thing that I have tried crispy pork burger before they announced. It's kinda sad for people who didn't really time to try their burger previously at beauty world food centre. which i was one of them because it was really quite far for me to travel over for food tbh. I really like their unique and special burger creations that they derive out from. I'm glad that they really need to change the menu since they still use it at beauty world till now (sam leong rd). I decided to try fish burger ($9) instead as a final burger because I didn't really eat beef or spicy based burger. I like the way they serve burger in hot and warm style as it's like freshly made from the grill. I didn't like it when the oil from the fish leaked it off from the burger and the paper just giveaway. Overall experience, the fish and vegetables got strong grilled taste but then got a bit of slightly "fishy" taste. I decided to order hand-cut fries ($5 under burger set) again since not much sides left at this month since they cleared old stocks to make way for new menu.