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This was a fairly delicious and decadent breakfast, boasting a trio stack of thick American-style pancakes. They come with a topping of your choice:
• Blueberry
• Banana Walnut
• Chocolate Chunks

It also comes with a mini ramekin-looking bowl of their maple butter that will significantly amplify the quality of the dish. The first bite floored me, especially the way that maple butter hit…that was everything. 🤩

The service deserves a mention though. The bespectacled guy was affable, approachable and proactive, which made me feel welcome as I was alone. You know how it be like with social anxiety and everything. 🤣 (7.5/10)

1) Share this with somebody. Don’t make the same mistake as I did - I thought its portion was completely manageable alone, but wow…I was already STRUGGLING halfway through. 🤪

2) Reserve a table for this place through the Eatigo app. Some timeslots allow you to dine in at 30 - 50% off the regular prices, which was what I did. I dined in solo at 4pm and I got it at half price. Trust me – if you’re a budding foodie and haven’t gotten it yet, you will need it. 💯