At a whopping $58++, we were thinking to ourselves that this had better be good. Thankfully the lamb chop was great! First and foremost, the restaurant seasoned the lamb really well and got rid of the gamey taste from the meat. This was the exact reason we were apprehensive about ordering lamb but thankfully, there was nothing to worry about as the grassy/gamey taste was almost non-existent!

The lamb was also really tender and cooked to perfection, so it was really easy to eat! Furthermore, the meat was served alongside French jus, which refers to the juices that oozed out from the meat as it was cooked! Hence, the sauce itself was also very flavourful and we were more than happy to dip our meat in the sauce before eating!

The lamb was paired with ratatouille, which is basically an assortment of stewed vegetables such as aubergine, tomatoes and brussel sprouts! The vegetables are generally light and are on the sweeter side, and they provide a nice contrast with the heavier flavours of the lamb meat.

Thankfully, we had a 25% discount from Entertainer so it reduced the hole in our pocket a little. We will definitely be back again to try their other meats (e.g., duck breast, seabass). 😋😋