I had chanced upon the post of Dookki having student price ($14.80++) at their Clementi regardless of the timing hence decided to give this restaurant buffet a try. Dookki is known for their tteokbokki buffet but I think it is more like an army stew buffet.

The item offered does not have any pork but it isn't halal. They do have meat such as luncheon meat, hot dog and chicken slices. For the seafood, they have Clam and mussels. They do also offer free flow drinks such as sparkling peach and lemon lime so it is not bad.

The double cheese ring is ala carte and had to pay an additional $9.80. They used mozzarella cheese for that. I feel that the double cheese ring should be free flow once we pay for the $9.80 as it was after dipping about a few of the fries items available, there isn't anymore.

Overall, for $14.80 student price (or $18.80 adult price), it is not bad. However I wouldn't recommend adding the double cheese ring as cheese is ala carte as mentioned and make you full easily