Enjoy the taste of authentic Korean ingredient such as Korean bean paste such directly imported from Korea.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Ordered the Tornado Seafood Fried Rice ($6) and the egg was swirl on top and moist. The bottom of the fried rice is just normal fried rice which doesn't stand out.

Order their Jajangmyeon ($7) and there is lots of flavour in it. For this price, quality is good

Order their Jjam Ppong ($7) which is basically like seafood army stew. At a coffeeshop price of this quality, I can't complain

Place with the cheapest Korean side dish for a restaurant. I do hope that they introduce mozeralla cheese with egg as it is quite a good compliment to that dish

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Had the Soya Bean Paste Beef Soup ($15.90) for lunch. Food was not bad and there sides include fish cake and potato which I really like it.

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Ajumma's has been in Bukit Panjang about 2 months or so and I have been seeing long queue form hence decided to give this place a try.

We ordered a few item such as Army Stew, Steamed Egg, Kimchi Pancake, Pork and Chive Dumpling and Hotteok. We ordered quite a substantial amount that it felt up the table. For a total of 6 pax, total spending is $165.25 which is like an hearty Korean cusine.


One of my friend wanted to have Korean food hence she brought us to Tanjong Pagar to try this restaurant. I ordered the Seafood Kimchi Stew with rice ($12) and it was not bad. They also provided complimentary sides which can be top up for free.

Do note that they have lunch and dinner pricing hence need to look at the pages correctly


Had their buffet which include not only their chicken wings, but fries and spam rice ball too. All of it is generally ok but it will be good if they include more items in the buffet

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Ordered the Pork Quinoa Bibimbap Set ($10.90) which consist of Pork Quinoa Bibimbap, steamed egg and canned drink.

The Pork Quinoa Bibimbap seasoning was flavourful but I was shocked they do not have rice in this as I assume Bibimbap is like a rice meal. Hence needed to add $1 for rice. The Steamed Egg I was hoping for some flavour to it but is just like economic rice steamed egg. Nothing special about that.

Although it is Spicy Tofu Soup, there is some meat and seafood in it too. Soup was great and ingredient was not bad. Spent a total of $7.90 (Soup $6.90 & $1 Rice)

I had chanced upon the post of Dookki having student price ($14.80++) at their Clementi regardless of the timing hence decided to give this restaurant buffet a try. Dookki is known for their tteokbokki buffet but I think it is more like an army stew buffet.

The item offered does not have any pork but it isn't halal. They do have meat such as luncheon meat, hot dog and chicken slices. For the seafood, they have Clam and mussels. They do also offer free flow drinks such as sparkling peach and lemon lime so it is not bad.

The double cheese ring is ala carte and had to pay an additional $9.80. They used mozzarella cheese for that. I feel that the double cheese ring should be free flow once we pay for the $9.80 as it was after dipping about a few of the fries items available, there isn't anymore.

Overall, for $14.80 student price (or $18.80 adult price), it is not bad. However I wouldn't recommend adding the double cheese ring as cheese is ala carte as mentioned and make you full easily

My friend introduced this restaurant to me and we ordered Haemul Jengban Jajan ($29). When the food came, I was shocked to see the portion. It was so huge. This is my first time having Jajangmyeon so I was curious how it taste like.

The taste is like Zi chat hokkien mee but instead of being in a broth kind. It is those dry type with the sauce stick with the noodle. The noodle is chewy and they were generous in the amount of ingredients inside. They also provide free flow side dish too such as kimchi and beancurd. Overall it is a good meal and both of us enjoyed it.

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