Yuzu Mascarpone Cheesecake ($8.20)

I never have eaten so good cheesecake in my life and but it's really soo good that I can't stop myself not eating so fast. But it's so mixed taste between sour and creamy at same time. mascarpone really got right amount of creamy texture, cheesecake got soft and creamy aftertaste but the digestive biscut cake got thick level, not that moist and got that crunchy base.

Sakura Matcha Latte ($7.50)

They got a lot of efforts to source it out for sakura (not that artifical but real taste for rose petals), also matcha latte was really bitter taste but got milky and creamy aftertaste and noticed that most of matcha powder really did dissolved it well (a bit of powder didn't). they have another verison without sakura ($6) if anyone preffered to drink matcha latte.