Finally reunited with my Chilli Oil Dumpling Noodles… is it me or is this bowl of noodles just plain difficult to find? Let me know if you have any recommendation for a good bowl of Chilli Oil Dumpling Noodz🤤☺️

Found this bowl at NTU Canteen 2, which has a good number of stalls selling alternative cuisine like Korean, Japanese, and even Thai. It’s not easy to get such diversity in a medium sized food court, especially in the premises of a school, but Canteen 2 delivers. Got the Chilli Oil Dumpling Noodles at the La Mian Xiao Long Bao stall. Dumplings were meaty and juicy, noodles were pretty good in my opinion. The texture of the noodles were qq and smooth, and just super slurpy in general. The Chilli oil sauce however, might require an acquired taste for appreciation, simply because it’s so damn vinegary. For some reason, they put quite a bit in their sauce, and lucky for them, Im actually quite accepting of vinegar in this bowl of noodles. But I can see why it might get repulsive for others, especially when the proportions in here just doesn’t seem the most balanced. Overall, wished it could’ve been spicier and less vinegary. But if you hate vinegar to the core, you can actually request to not have vinegar in your sauce. With that, you probably could ask them to not put so much, or remove it entirely and add it on the side by yourself.