It's my first time trying Mala. Went a lil overboard with the ingredients cause of the excitement.

We shared a bowl among two people. Me and my sister added wide wheat ramen to our bowl (see picture: the bowl in the front, which cost us $36) with lots of seafood galore and wide ranges of mushroom, seaweed and deobokki, while my other sister and dad added homemade noodle to their bowl (see picture: the bowl at the back, which cost them $23) with meat and wide ranges of vegetables and tofu.

The spicy level that we chose is spicy (they have four options: not spicy, mild spicy, spicy and very spicy) but end up not that spicy as I expected it to be. Didn't even need drink throughout the meal cause the spiciness is very tolerable and not the good pain kind (maybe it's just me that day). I really enjoy it all in all, just that I expected it to be really spicy?

I would buy again but probably would share a bowl among 3 people next time for the price worth. Would definitely go for the very spicy next time too!