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Pickle Dilly
Pickle Dilly

Cray cray about this char kway teow! Its portion is definitely for two unless you are on beast-mode that day. It is damn saucy unlike the usual char (stir-fried) version. Perhaps the crayfish need to be swimming in a pool of dark soy sauce in your plate? Too dry also not shiok mah. This is definitely high-end/revolutionalize version of kway teow for usually they use hum (cockles) and here they have crayfish.

Generous amount of BBQ sauce, fair amount of spicy fries and salad. Such a well-balanced meal and well worth the money.

The presentation is really something. And I thought Crème Brulee on any normal-looking ramekin is already up there but this is next level yo! My colleague mentioned that it looks like a deconstructed Crème Brulee. Yes, indeed! Also it brings the impression that it's an aftermath of a battle between two blobs of brute Brulees with all the custard plop all over and fruits all chopped to pieces. Then I got all sad because all wars have evil motivation and also I thought to myself maybe they just ran out of ramekins? This just mean that we are getting less of the Crème Brulee and more of the other decorative ingredients. As for it's taste, it is just fine. Fine-dining you say? More like let - me - distract - you - with - artsy - plating - while - you - dine dining. Though one shouldn't be complaining of the portion size cause we all need some help with our diet (or portion control) sometimes.

It is exactly what it is, a beef fried rice with Thai basil leaves (specifically Thai ones). The chicken floss is so extra but such a lovely addition I must say. All in all, such a flavour galore! Sweet from the chicken floss, spicy from the heavily spiced rice, hints of mint from the basil. But what I'm most happy about is the generous amount of beef pieces. And me being me, not a grain or leaf is being wasted that day. For it's price, it's really worth it!

Rainy day + A Hot Bowl of Beef Ramen = Heavenly!!

The broth is rich, the beef super soft and breaks apart easily with chopsticks then it melts in the mouth. In the menu, some ramen bowl comes with the egg, but the dish I ordered doesn't so I added that in, cause the Japanese Soy Sauce Egg is to die for! (Picture doesn't do justice). So go grab a bowl and Itadakimasu!! (or Bismillah for some of us)

A goodly amount meal for 3. Mediterranean Rice, Wedges and Pita Bread were a delight. Spicy Rice though tasted too much like a mess of turmeric powder.

Bottomless drink and bottomless froyo is a must! To make the most of the 'bottomless' you have to come with an empty tank (i.e. tummy).

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Portion size: 'Kus semangat'! (My goodness!)

I ordered Big Prawn Noodles while my friend ordered Crayfish Noodles. It cost us $10 each, UP: $13 each, just quote the promo code: "November" cause it's the owner's birthday month. Do take note the promo code only apply to these two items on the menu. Just check out her instagram @denisedeanna for more info or updates.

It's a good deal cause they are really generous with the amount of Big Prawns and Crayfishes. The thick flesh of the seafood so damn 'shiok'! The broth also taste so satisfyingly flavourful and warmth your inside, especially when we had it on a rainy day. It rains almost everyday in November now, so make your way down to JE for it, so damn worth it lah!


First of all, I'm not a Starbucks person (I just hate coffee generally) but when I got to know about the Halloween special menu I just tell to myself "I have to get this!" and so I did. For frappes they usually have two options - coffee base or cream base, I just have to simply request the barista to use cream base.

So I ordered that and instantaneously felt so bourgeois (It cost me $8.80 for a drink yo!). At first glance, it doesn't look scary or anything. As for the taste, it's so red bean-ie and has a strong sesame taste. Felt like those potong ice-cream in a form of a shake.

To conclude, it's just a good red bean/black sesame frappe with a lil bit of Halloweenie vibe to it.

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It's my first time trying Mala. Went a lil overboard with the ingredients cause of the excitement.

We shared a bowl among two people. Me and my sister added wide wheat ramen to our bowl (see picture: the bowl in the front, which cost us $36) with lots of seafood galore and wide ranges of mushroom, seaweed and deobokki, while my other sister and dad added homemade noodle to their bowl (see picture: the bowl at the back, which cost them $23) with meat and wide ranges of vegetables and tofu.

The spicy level that we chose is spicy (they have four options: not spicy, mild spicy, spicy and very spicy) but end up not that spicy as I expected it to be. Didn't even need drink throughout the meal cause the spiciness is very tolerable and not the good pain kind (maybe it's just me that day). I really enjoy it all in all, just that I expected it to be really spicy?

I would buy again but probably would share a bowl among 3 people next time for the price worth. Would definitely go for the very spicy next time too!

Sweet, spicy, sour and sometimes bitter. In that order.

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