This came as a meal w reg fries & reg drink. We thought this sandwich was fantastic! The breading of the chicken was flavourful. It was crispy but also melts in ur mouth - like how?!?!! Actual chicken was also very meaty & there wasn’t that layer of fat/skin over the chicken like those in a Mcspicy, which we appreciated bc it sort of felt healthier. Brioche bun was also really soft and nicely buttered which gives this sandwich an extra kick of flavour instead of the plain buns you get at macs. Overall, we would rate this a 5/5. M not a fast food kind of person but this was really good! It wasn’t spicy at all tho, but idk if that’s bc we got the mild version (we didn’t have the option to choose). The spicy option would have been better! We also feel that this beats mcspicy hands down!!!! 👍🏼