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Brioche bun served w pork patty, cheese, arugula & bbq pulled pork. Honestly, couldn’t taste the bbq pulled pork at all so it was quite a disappointment. However, the pork patty was more flavourful & tender than the beef patties. This was our fav out of the 3 burgers we tried!

Brioche bun served w beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, arugula & spicy mayo. Felt like this was better than the truffle beef burger. The patty was more flavourful & the spicy mayo went well w the burger. The buns were nicely toasted as well. Would recommend u to get this instead!

Brioche bun served w a beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, arugula, truffle oil & mayo. Nothing special about this burger, the truffle taste didn’t really come through & the arugula didn’t really go well w the burger as it left a bitter aftertaste (would have preferred the normal lettuce instead). Beef patty was slightly chewy (not the soft beef patties that I love) & it wasn’t as flavourful. It also came w a side of potato chips & salad. The salad was disappointment bc it was just a bunch of plain lettuce (we couldn’t taste the sauce at all) & the potato chips were just your typical lays salted chips. Would not recommend this but luckily there was 1 for 1 on entertainer!

This came as a meal w reg fries & reg drink. We thought this sandwich was fantastic! The breading of the chicken was flavourful. It was crispy but also melts in ur mouth - like how?!?!! Actual chicken was also very meaty & there wasn’t that layer of fat/skin over the chicken like those in a Mcspicy, which we appreciated bc it sort of felt healthier. Brioche bun was also really soft and nicely buttered which gives this sandwich an extra kick of flavour instead of the plain buns you get at macs. Overall, we would rate this a 5/5. M not a fast food kind of person but this was really good! It wasn’t spicy at all tho, but idk if that’s bc we got the mild version (we didn’t have the option to choose). The spicy option would have been better! We also feel that this beats mcspicy hands down!!!! 👍🏼

Armoury Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato. We opted for truffle fries as well & we paid an additional $2 for it. Burger was really good! The patties were soft & tender & juicy (everything you’re looking for in a good burger) & their buns were they were soft & buttery on the inside & slightly crispy on the outside. They were also definitely generous w their portions! The truffle fries were a disappointment tho bc we couldn’t taste the truffle at all but we would definitely come back for the burger!

Mexican Guacamole Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce & tomato. Opted for the sweet potato fries & paid additional $2 as well. Burger was similar to the armoury burger reviewed above, except that there was additional guacamole inside which gave the burger a nice texture. Sweet potato fries were really good as well, super crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Also, their prices are nett, highly recommended!!! 👍🏼 (oh they also serve plain water too)

We’ve reviewed the burger in our previous post but for this we changed our fries to onion rings for an additional $2 & the onion rings were really bomb!!!!! We loved it so much bc the batter was crispy & flavourful & it wasn’t too oily! Highly recommend y’all to get the onion rings!!! 🤩

All American burger w smoky pulled pork, buttermilk slaw & Carolina bbq. Was pleasantly surprised when the burger came w a beef patty tgt w the pulled pork bc we thought it was gonna be a pulled pork burger 🤤 The beef patty (which was cooked to a medium) tgt w the smoky pulled pork tasted fantastic! The cheese coated the patty & the buns were well-buttered & fluffy. The slaw added a nice crunch to the entire burger as well. Fries were okay, nothing to shout about. But out of the 3 burgers that we tried, we felt that this burger was the most worth, definitely recommended! 🙌🏼

Prime burger w aged cheddar, crispy onion ring, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq & mayo. Patty was cooked to a medium so it was soft & tender & slightly pink in the middle. Bacon & onion ring were nice & crisp & went well w the bbq sauce. Fries were mediocre. Pretty good burger but we feel like we could definitely find better burger places for the same price ☹️

Prime burger w house chilli, American cheese, zesty cheese sauce & frizzled onions. The beef patty was nicely cooked to a medium, was soft & tender but we couldn’t really taste the patty much bc the whole burger was just overwhelmed by the cheese & chilli. The house chilli tasted exactly like those meaty chilli sauce that u get on hotdogs. There was also a v rich American cheese flavour throughout the entire burger which was nice, but it was a shame that we couldn’t really taste much of the cheese sauce itself or the frizzled onions bc the whole burger just tasted like sliced cheese & chilli. Fries were mediocre as well 😟 it was okay overall, but we just wouldn’t pay $25++ for this!

Sriracha buffalo chicken, sweet potato fries & purple cabbage slaw. The chicken was nicely seasoned & cooked until it was really crispy! The bun was soft & buttery too. Salad and sweet potato fries were mediocre, but worth it w the 1 for 1! 🙌🏼

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