Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

A lighter broth that’s suited for the light-hearted which doesn’t get too overwhelming. As for me, I still prefer the usual full-bodied and creamy tonkatsu soup base! 🤭
2️⃣Yam ring with assorted vegetables Comprising of capsicums, onions and tomatoes surrounded by a charcoal yam ring that’s deep fried to an ideal crisp perfection on its exterior, this dish is served vegetarian and meat-free! Despite being an anti-fan of yam, this was surprisingly well received by my palate, typically the crunchy vegetables and crisp yam ring, without an intense “yam flavour” like what I was expecting initially.
3️⃣Double-Boiled Truffle Soup [Part of 8 course CNY SET at $42.80++] Another vegetarian option where the soup is slow-cooked for 6 hours and packed with truffle shavings and truffle oil that would certainly appeal to truffle lovers! 💖 Served with an assortment of Chinese herbs, monkey head mushrooms 🤩, goji berries, this herbaceous and full-bodied soup was a hearty, comforting one that emitted a homely vibe, another one of my favourite dish here! 💖
4️⃣ Frozen S’mores [$9]
Comprising of dual layers of 80% Dark chocolate ice cream and a dark chocolate ganache encased within a firm albeit crumbly graham tart shell, this dessert is also topped with a torched marshmallow that was whipped to a smooth, foam-like and light texture, one that I certainly did not mind having despite being an anti-fan of marshmallows in general! Typically adore the bittersweet cocoa flavour coming from the decadent dark chocolate ice cream and ganache as well the the crumbly tart shell possessing a lingering buttery fragrance 💕. One is definitely insufficient for my tooth! 🤓
5️⃣Super Tea Blossom Pineapple [$4.80]
A unique blend of pineapple, passionfruit and peach Oolong tea that serves as a refreshing ending to the meal, coming with a tangy citrusy note which overwhelms the roasted, earthy notes of Oolong.