@peperonipizzeria is probably my go to pizza place right now. Their pizza crusts are simply stellar, and their toppings are topnotch. Better yet, they’re actually amazingly affordable too. Don’t believe me? Well, the prosecution would like to present the evidence here.⠀

This, your honour, is a twelve inch half & half ‘Speciale’ pizza that’s priced at $30++. That’s right, it’s a premium pizza, and the Burrata & Prosciutto toppings share the perfect pizza crust that’s lovingly slathered with tangy tomato sauce with the Carne option. The Carne, as you may have guessed, is Peperoni’s twist on the timeless meat lovers’ pizza, and the Carne has pork meatballs, bacon & pepperoni on top of a luscious layer of melted mozzarella cheese. Marvellous meat, magnificent mozzarella, and titillating tomato sauce on top of a tremendous thin crust pie is always a flawless win, and Peperoni comes through with the gargantuan W.⠀

As for the burrata & prosciutto...dude, do I really need to elucidate this any further? The same sublime sauce & melted mozza base now houses confit tomatoes, a generous helping of salty, piquant Parma ham, and colossal chunks of beautiful burrata. It’s creamy, cheesy, tangy, salty, and utterly umami, and that crisp dough base is the cherry on (or below in this case) the cake.⠀

None y’all gonna get a pizza this. I ain’t sharing, these peerless pies are way too transcendent to be shared. Get your own & leave me alone.⠀

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