Better than Tan's TU TU ....
To think that I would travel all the way just for this .

Hidden at a corner at the basement of Clementi Mall ( housed together with the eastern rice dumpling stall),
I finally found a consistently good traditional Tu Tu kueh. No newspapers articles , no red signboard , no nothing but executed beautifully.
The Tu Tu kuehs ( 3 for SGD 2 or 5 for SGD3) were as light as clouds. I learnt from the stall holder that the rice flour is made in house and is so finely milled that it produces such a fluffy and light texture. I loved the fact that the flour was not sweetened ( unlike the ones that you eat outside that are sickeningly sweet , stiff in texture and so chewy that they stick to your teeth) so this complemented the moist and sweet coconut filling. I have been quite disappointed with the branded Tu Tu's around and in recent times , those sold in Food courts because they really bring a bad name to the founder.
Be sure to eat this Tu Tu steaming hot ( with the aroma of the Pandan leaves ) for maximum satisfaction .
Hope you"ll enjoy this humble Tu Tu kueh as much as I do :)