Are you drooling over my spread at Ban Khun Mae? 🤤🤤🤤 Throwback to the all-day feasting in Bangkok! 🇹🇭
🔹️Fried Water Spinach (kangkong) (THB 100) ❤❤❤
🔹️Deep Fried Marinated Chicken Wrapped with Pandanus (pandan chicken) (THB 150) 💕
🔹️Spicy Minced Pork Salad (THB 150)
🔹️Steamed Seafood Curry Paste in Young Coconut (THB 170)
🔹️Tapioca in Syrup with Coconut Milk (THB 100)
🔹️Rice (THB 25 per bowl)
🔹️Roselle Juice (THB 60)
🔹️Lemon Grass Juice (THB 60)
Food was good in general, though we didnt quite like the Seafood Curry Paste in Coconut. 😔 Despite looking the most fanciful, it carried an overwhelming taste of fresh basil that we disliked. Leaned towards the sweet side rather than savoury which i would prefer! Personal preference i guess, cuz many tables ordered this! 😂😂😂
This meal cost us almost THB1k (~S$44) aft 10% service charge for 3 pax. Still cheap compared to SG, but i still prefer food at Somtum Nua just nearby! 💯