Interesting fact: Crave was born of the collab between Kiosks Collective & "Selera Rasa". If you are a fan of Nasi Lemak, it's well known that Selera Rasa's Nasi Lemak original stall in Adam Road is one of the 🔝5 places to have Nasi Lemak. 🤩👍
Starting from the Basmati rice to the crispy selar fish, this whole ensemble doesn't disappoint me. Initially I think a spoonful of sambal won't be enough but I finish rice even before I finish sambal. It's fiery hot & sweet..🤤 Think they could perhaps do fried egg better (not so overcooked) and more crispy ikan billis, peanuts & cucumber. They have handled it well tastewise for this outlet compared to original stall. 👌

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