Did you know that scones originated in France and not England? I didn’t, and I was tickled to learn that since the English adopted scones as part of their teatime routine with clotted cream and jam, the French vehemently refuse to blaspheme their scones with clotted cream, choosing to stick with butter and jam instead.

Nailing multiple French classics in one fell swoop, Mr Madeleine also bakes up a trio variety of scones if madeleines, focaccia or sables aren’t your thing.

The classic plain scone is the only savoury offering at the moment ($2.30 each), whereas the other two are sweet and fruity. The scones here are made with French butter, and they’re really really light. These literally melt in your mouth. They’re perhaps one of the best scones I’ve had, although I admittedly don’t seek out that many scones to try.

I was really pleased to hear that you can also request some customisations, as these items were all baked in small batches. If you don’t like raisins, or maybe none of the current flavours appeal to you and you have a suggestion, feel free to ask! I’ll definitely do that the next time I drop by for more baked goods!