If you’re looking for a restaurant that masters the art of chocolate dessert.... look no more!

The crepe was loaded with fresh fruit and topped with chocolate, a chocolate spread that comes with the dish and is served live. To start with, the crepe is too chewy, the fruits inside were meh, too cold, the chocolate was overly sweet and gooey. It’d would be better if the crepe served was warm and the chocolate to be hot and not too sweet. I only ate a single bite, it's really too much.

The layered crepe was served with all the three types of chocolate drizzles - white, dark and milk chocolate. It has a thin layer of brownies in it, which I felt like it overpowered the taste of the crepe. Again, this is too sweet for my liking but chocolate lovers will probably appreciate this place more than I do.

Price: RM30+ each (before service charge)