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Sticky Wings actually does good nasi lemak, using basmati rice which was loose and fluffy. Instead of sambal chilli, it is served with their signature 'Spicy Flamin' sauce, which was also the same sauce used to coat their spicy wings and drumsticks.
As for the chicken, you can choose between Spicy Flamin' wings or Sticky Kecap Manis drumstick (pictured), at the same price. I prefer the drumstick!
Also pictured are:
* Knockout (6 two-joint wings)
* We Meat Again ($6.50) – fluffy straight-cut fries crowned with slow- cooked minced beef rendang.
* Tat’s Egg-citing! ($5.90) - smothered in a blend of salted egg yolk sauce, nacho cheese and tomato salsa.
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