SPICE up your weekend with this malaysian style Jia Bin Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh , comes piping hot served on the claypot , consisting of soft and succulent pork FATTY belly , pork ribs , and pigs intestine.. all sizzling with their special dark soy sauce with the bak kut teh herbal aftertaste .. sweet , herbalicious , and the slight spice from the dried red chilli .. All you foodies that loves the EmPOWERing SPIKE of flavors on your tastebuds , this is for U! (S$8.80)

My 2nd Fav : The Jia Bin Klang Hua Diao Wine Chicken (S$8.80)
Super Aromatic plus the burst of wine infused onto the piping hot claypot , i really love the gravy paired with the chicken chunks !
And also do not forget the herbal bak kut teh soup version which they ACE! *Complimentary Refillable Soup too!
#HUNGREESPIKE Ratings : 4.97/5
Ambiance : Spacious restaurant , fast and alert staffs .. & come early to beat the queue!