We decided to try a dessert at Hvala @ Chijmes for the first time and given the cafe's matcha specialty, we decided to order the waffle with a 2-degree matcha scoop. The waffles were thick and fluffy but for those of you who like crispy waffles, you may want to know that the waffles at Hvala aren't crispy and even the exterior is on the softer side.

The scoop of matcha ice cream was delicious, however, and we liked that it really came with the distinct bitterness of matcha. We ordered the 2-degree matcha, which wasn't overly bitter although if you want something more intense, you can try gunning for the 3-degreee matcha! The dessert isn't cheap however, as it is priced at $13.90++, which is much more expensive than what a waffle + single scoop would cost in many other ice cream parlours.

Hvala was decently-packed on a weekday afternoon and many tables were taken! We were allocated to a tatami area and although it provided a nice setting to take photos, it wasn't very comfortable as you had to sit cross-legged for extended periods of time! Suggest you go for the tables unless you are used to sitting in such positions. 😁

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