Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., South Union Park, Tom's Palette, PS.Cafe (Harding Road), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), Salted Caramel (Thomson), O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Siglap), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza)
Pat Jon
Pat Jon

This looks small, but it's definitely a guilty indulgence that should be shared with another. The oozy thick chocolate peanut butter filling is bound to satisfy one's sweet tooth.

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While this dessert usually costs $4.80++, Aburi-EN served it to us free if we helped to leave a Google review on the restaurant! This applies to all other desserts on the menu as well, so feel free to take your pick!

The dish basically contains a scoop of vanilla ice cream served atop coffee jelly, with a biscuit at the side. The coffee jelly really had a pretty strong coffee flavour, so it's advisable to choose something else if coffee is really not your thing. Ice cream and the biscuit are pretty normal.

Aburi-EN was surprisingly rather empty on a Thursday night, even though the CBD area is a lot livelier now. However, we noticed that the restaurant is still pretty crowded on weekends so you may want to make a reservation then before heading down!

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For dessert, we decided to try something more unique and hence, we ordered the coconut Panna Cotta! The dessert basically comprises a scoop of coconut ice cream placed atop a Panna Cotta dessert, and enclosed in coconut flesh! The dish was decorated with biscuit crumbs, which added a pretty nice touch and crunch to the dessert!

The coconut ice cream was pretty refreshing and because it doesn't taste overpowering, we thought it paired pretty well with the Panna Cotta, which is basically lightly sweetened cream! However, the surprise was really the coconut flesh, which we felt was really creative and we never expected it to be used in a dessert dish! Overall, the dish was a very light one and we think it's worth a try for those of you who are not averse to coconut!

For around $12++, we think the price is reasonable and it's more than enough to be shared between 2 as well. 😁

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We were looking around the basement area of Suntec City for desserts and we chanced upon Maccha House! The restaurant seemed rather crowded and we were fortunate enough to be able to get the last table that was available!

We ordered the matcha tiramisu and it was a tiramisu dessert with a generous serving of matcha powder on top! The restaurant used ladyfingers for the cake, and mixed in a generous amount of mascarpone cheese. However, we think the sweetness from the cheese overpowered that of the matcha powder, which was a little strange as the matcha powder tasted relatively plain. Nonetheless, it was a pretty decent dessert and we enjoyed having the tea to clean our palate after finishing the cake!

Price-wise, we paid around $7++ which was pretty reasonable as the tiramisu dessert was actually pretty large and can even be shared amongst 2 since the mascarpone cheese can get a bit gelat after a while!

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We came back to Apiary for their pistachio ice cream once again as we really loved this flavour! The pistachio had a really nutty flavour to it and we liked that there was a roasted and slightly charred taste in the ice cream as well! The size of the scoop was pretty generous and we also loved that the ice cream didn't melt very quickly and this gave us the time to slowly savour the scoop.

However, we felt that the waiting time for a table for 3 was a little long on a Thursday evening (around 25 minutes) and it will likely be even longer over the weekends! Hence, dining in may not be an option if you are in a rush for time. Pricewise, the pistachio is a premium flavour so it costs $4.70 for a scoop and an additional $1 for the cone. Pretty reasonable pricing for the quality in our opinion!

We waited around 15mins but it was gone in 5. Super eggy and it goes very well with the cream. Texture was not bad, really fluffy which felt like we're eating clouds but we would have preferred it to be firmer. Will come back again for to try more flavours for the occasional dessert splurge.

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Almond paste was great - the flavour was really strong and it was pretty thick! Pretty heartwarming dessert and it's great after a meal in the Chinatown area. However, we were slightly disappointed to find that they were only two tangyuan (one peanut and one sesame); most dessert stalls tend to be more generous with the tangyuan. 😑

Furthermore, the bowl of dessert was priced at $5.50, which is really on the high side for this simple item. The almond paste was great but it's really a tad expensive...

Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I found this average. The cake tasted like Chinese huat kueh and the sauce had a slight bitter aftertaste. Would probably get some other dessert if I'm back here!

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This is the signature must try item here from the menu. We were a bit apprehensive initially as we doubted how good ginger milk can get. But wow we were impressed! A staff will pour hot milk in a bowl with a little ginger juice before covering it and asking you to wait for 4 minutes prior to eating. This was for the milk to solidify into a pudding, which was really smooth and quite creamy! The ginger was strong and gave a warm aftertaste in your throat and belly, which feels super comforting.

We chanced upon Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop during our day at Katong, a Chinese dessert eatery beside the reopened i12 mall! We ordered the taro sago with taro as we were suckers for yam and the dessert was to our liking!

The taro sago wasn't as thick as orh nee and this made it really drinkable and it won't get too gelat. Furthermore, the yam flavour was present but it wasn't too overwhelming and we loved that! 👍👍 The dish also comes with pieces of yam and tapioca jelly (just like those found in bobo chacha). For $4.50, the amount of sago, yam and jelly was surprisingly generous and we would encourage you to give it a try!

Do note that we saw a really long queue when we were leaving the eatery at around 9 pm on a Monday night and that's probably when everyone gets their dessert fix. To avoid the queue, you might want to head there during dinner time! 😁

Northpoint does not have many dessert options and since we chanced upon Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, we decided to stop by for a post-dinner dessert! The dish was basically a durian mousse with sago and a few chunks of legit durian in there. It was ok, except that it would be a lot nicer if the durian mousse was more concentrated ("gao") as it tasted a little dilute to use. It became even more tasteless when the huge chunk of ice in the centre started melting. 😰😰 $5.90++ is slightly on the high side, especially since we wouldn't call this dish great.

We would be sure to order Gram's signature pancakes ($17.90++) if we were to pay the restaurant a visit! The dish comprises 3 ultra-fluffy souffle pancakes that are really wobbly! To go with the pancakes, Gram also provides you with butter, maple syrup and cream. All three "condiments" go pretty well with the pancakes although we think you can go easy on the butter as you should be able to taste the eggs and butter inside the pancakes without having to add more. Do give it a try and if you like all of them, you can even add all of them on your own pancakes! 😋

Do note that Gram is really crowded immediately after lunch and dinner time as many people will head here for dessert! Hence, do try to go early or you will find a snaking queue outside the shop!

Pat Jon

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