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Paid Ippoh a visit over the festive season for their lunch set and I like the fact that every piece was individually fried, allowing the chef to control the various elements. The tempuras here are done Osaka style, which was what earned this tempura specialist their popularity throughout Japan. The pacing though, felt a little rushed to me as the chef was constantly monitoring me to gauge when to cook the next piece, a necessary measure, i understand, but a little intimidating with the constant gaze. Their lunch sets are pretty pocket friendly given the quality of their ingredients! I got the Ume set, which comprises of:⁣

1. Assorted Appetizer (Trio of Chef's Special)⁣
2. 11 Pieces of Tempura (2 Prawns, 3 Seafood, 4 Vegetables, Shrimp Toast, Sea Urchin Tempura with Caviar)⁣
3. Kakiage (Served with Rice or Cold Somen Noodles)⁣
4. Ice Cream⁣

My condiments consist of a slice of lemon, salt, a bowl of dashi and grated radish, with the chef recommending which to pair with after he is done frying and place it in front of you. Albeit a couple of hit and misses, the meal was overall good.

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