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Baller Times

Baller Times

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Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

The ingredients used here are fresh, but what was worth mentioning is the pairing of rice crackers, which gave the sushi an interesting crunch to it. There was also a very light yuzu scent that came along, presumably from the sushi rice.

A hole in the wall, Minka is easily overshadowed by its neighbours or even the abundance of restaurants situated in CBD which consumers are familiar with. While they may look rather unassuming, I assure you their food is really worth every penny and you’ll definitely leave with a satisfied tummy. ⁣

Expectations should however, be managed as this is not like the usual omakase fare for those who have been exposed to the finer ones in other restaurants. Nevertheless, I still left with a stuffed and happy belly!⁣

Was half contemplating trying a small mouth and passing over the rest to my dining partner given my nut allergy, but I couldn’t stop myself at the first mouth. The walnut was extremely tasty and savoury and very well worth my impending eczema. 😂⁣

As simple as it may look, this starter consists of a combination of an Onsen egg, ikura and truffle which was pure decadent. I mixed everything up and slurp them all down in one mouth. A delicious way to get the meal started. ⁣

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A surprise from my friend, who requested it when he made the reservation. Utterly soft and spongey, there was a hint of citrus with every bite and I enjoyed this a little too much. A beautiful end to a great meal 😋

Of all the dishes I’ve tried for the Omakase menu here, this is the one I least enjoyed. The rice felt a tad too dry for me and the accompanying vege came off as a little odd to me. Felt that the ingredients weren’t working well together but my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, so it could just be me 😅


A simple dish make luxurious with a medley of high end ingredients, I made the wrong decision of sharing it with my friend. I couldn’t have enough if it and wouldn’t mind if this becomes a staple in the menu and not just as a dish from the Omakase.

Honestly, who can resist pidan? While it may seem like a rather odd combination, it was a pretty divine dish that ended all too soon.

Utterly fresh and tender, I wonder how it managed to stay on the plate for so long while I was busy snapping away when it easily disintegrates in your mouth within moments.

What was special about the sushi here is prolly their rice. Rather than serving the usual Japanese white rice, they first coat it with soy sauce before topping it off with the sashimi, which gave it more flavour, yet not overpowering the taste and freshness of the fish. ⁣ ⁣⁣

Everything here at Gake is commendable, from their fresh ingredients, amazing food, right down to the customer service. Thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at Gake, definitely coming back again to try out their other dishes. Especially since they are on Burpple Beyond!

my fave Japanese dessert of all times ☺️ Unlike the usual warabi mochi, these were more gooey and ‘out of shape’ but still taste ahhhmazing 😍 please order in advance before you go down if you’ll like to try this! ⁣