Apiary serves up some delicious looking flavours I really had a hard time deciding what I wanted even after sampling a handful of flavours. Decided to get some unique scoops instead of the more common flavours like chocolate or black sesame which are available at more ice cream parlours. Opted for these to be served on a charcoal waffle! The waffles took a few minutes to prepare but they were gorgeously crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside. They’re really dark black, unlike some charcoal waffles that tend to be grey. Topped with three colourful scoops of ice cream and chocolate sauce plus honey on the side, the waffles at Apiary sure make a pretty picture.

Ice cream flavours:
- Matcha (Hvala)
Sucker for last scoops or portions, so when the staff said this was the last scoop we caved. Rich matcha flavour, not sure if this is just made from Hvala matcha powder or whether it is the same ice cream served at Hvala. Either way, this will satisfy matcha lovers as the matcha flavour is very prominent, and there’s even a bitter aftertaste. This flavour was replaced immediately after with houjicha.

- The Apiary
Almost everyone trying flavours asks the same question: what’s The Apiary? Turns out it’s a honey base with cacao nibs. It’s one of their signatures and popular flavours. A bit on the sweeter side, but quite nice with the waffles and matcha ice cream to balance it out. Also enjoyed the crunchy cacao nibs in the ice cream.

- Blue Milk
Another one of their popular flavours, the Blue Milk comes in a pretty pastel blue shade. Some might be turned off by the colour, but I thought it was nice. It’s quite a mild ice cream, but it goes well with the waffles.

Compared to the ice cream at Creamier, the scoops at Apiary don’t melt as quickly. The waffles at Apiary are also a different style so it’s not that fair to compare them, but they are able to hold their own ground as they’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I’m also really impressed with how dark their charcoal waffles are. However, I feel that Apiary doesn’t seem to offer as wide a selection of ice cream flavours as other ice cream parlours at any one time, and the flavours that we tried today, though good, weren’t delicious or unique enough to deserve a reorder. I didn’t see pistachio available, which was a bit disappointing. Still, I might be back to try their black sesame flavour with the brioche bun though, so hopefully that fares better.