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With an extensive Coffee Menu that's spoils & also fulfilled every caffeine addict, comes the Black Bird. That is if you are into Cold Brews (which I am totally into with the weather in SG) 🏵
The Black Bird comes with a tasting of 3 cold brews, it got my curiosity but the Nitro Brew caught my attention & heart. It's like drinking a carbonated black coffee, it's either you Love it or Hate it kinda thing. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Other stand out coffees are:
The Milky Way - Cold brew Coffee (💵S$7)
Barista Breakfast - Latte & Double espresso (💵S$8)
Magic - 5oz Double Shot (💵S$5)
Hazelnut Latte (💵S$6 +S$1 for iced)
Toffee Latte (💵S$6 +S$1 for iced)