💰 $2.30

FINALLY got this bun after seeing so many rave reviews about it! Ngl in all the pics, it doesn't exactly look super appetising since it resembles tuna and idk how to feel about tuna and mochi :p

Rest assured though, this definitely does NOT taste like tuna 😂 the custard has a light texture that isn't overly creamy and the earl grey aroma just hits you in the face after microwaving 😍 that, combined with MuYoo's signature soft, sticky mochi, this bun is definitely a hit. The bread is also of the softer variety and has kind of a healthy, wholemeal taste to it, which I liked!

If you're a tea lover, I think you'll like this bun! Definitely one of the better buns I've had from MuYoo.

⭐ Rating: 8.7/10 teacups
🤑 worth the price: yes, but could be a little bigger for the price
đŸĻ– would I buy again: yes
💍 would I marry: yes