Birds of Paradise is moving over to a new shop in Jewel and for the moment, it is not selling it's thyme cone! Nonetheless, the queue is still really long and we queued around 15 minutes to order a scoop of lychee raspberry and another scoop of white chrysanthemum ice cream! The white chrysanthemum ice cream is our usual favourite and we love the strong dose of chrysanthemum, although we felt that the shop was a little more stingy on the cacao nibs this time. :(

The new flavour that we tried today was lychee raspberry, which honestly tastes more strongly of lychee than raspberry. As with most flavours at Birds of Paradise, the scoop was relatively light and pretty refreshing. 😁 Glad we got to try a new flavour today although we were slightly disappointed that the stall wasn't selling it's thyme cones.