Earlier at lunch today, Ian & I witnessed and tasted the actual ramen portion at the Yoshimaru Ramen Bar Challenge 2015 (runs daily till 26th July 15'), which we all thought was really doable. The upsized portion is made up of 2 servings of noodles, onsen eggs and charsiew (portion were smaller than previous year) though.

All you need to do is finish the FREE bowl of ramen within 4 minutes 30 second and beat the current record holder (as per 19 June, 4 minutes 9 second) updated daily on Yoshimaru Facebook page. Failure to meet the requirements pay only $25.80++ for the meal.

Think about the attractive prizes such as Air Tickets to Japan, Staycations and Vouchers. Best Female timing gets $300 voucher. It's pretty simple, nothing gimmicky. Open to everybody above 18 years of age. Are you game enough for the ramen challenge?

Crazy challenge, but one of the more doable ones
Wait...it's now 4 mins? Ok I take that back. I finished it when it was within 15 mins
Marcus Lee portions and timing are now reduced. Still doable with a number of challengers setting records