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That's right! You no longer have to lug back packets of these popular Taiwanese sundried noodles from Taiwan because Ju Hao is the first in Singapore to serve up these noodles at all their outlets which will also double up as retail spaces where you can purchased selected DaJia products πŸ‘ .

What's special about DaJia noodles is that they are sundried under low temperatures and contain no added salt, oil nor preservatives unlike other instant noodles that are loaded with preservatives and deep-fried in oil. In addition to being healthy and nutritious, these noodles also have a full and springy texture! QQ max! πŸ˜‹ .

At Ju Hao, you have 4 types of DaJia noodles to choose from - waves, slices, handmade andΒ  hand-shaped thin noodles - and you can pair them with DaJia's delicious sauces such as shallot, sesame or mala which are also made from natural, high-quality ingredients πŸ’―. You are also able to customise the texture of your noodles (from soft to al-dente), the flavour (from light to heavy) as well as the amount of oil. I haven't come across any Chinese restaurants that lets you to customise your noodles to this extent and I'm very glad that this is possible at Ju Hao! πŸ˜„ .

The next step then will be to choose what noodle dish you want! Feel like having something spicy? Why not go for their Noodles with 口水鸑 (Saliva Chicken) and have it with their numbing Mala sauce. Or maybe you want something homely and comforting? Then try out their Noodles with Wanton which will evoke memories of home 😊 .

So what say you to hopping on over to Ju Hao and customising your very own bowl of DaJia noodles? πŸ˜‰ . .

Thanks Magdalene @brandcellar for the kind invite & warm hospitality and thanks Ju Hao @mofgroup for hosting us with this sumptuous spread! ❀