After seeing the long queues at Sanpoutei every single time we walk through the basement of Shaw House, we decided that we had to try it for ourselves! After a half-hour queue, we finally got a table and decided to order the Shoyu Full Special ramen ($17.50++). The main difference between the Shoyu Full Special and the normal Shoyu ramen is the addition of two more slices of char siu, for just $2.50++ more!

The ramen broth tastes really different from the usual tonkatsu broth, as this tasted a lot less rich. Instead of the intense porky flavour in tonkatsu broths, the shoyu broth at Sanpoutei comes with a slight fishy essence, due to the use of salmon stock for the soup base. We thought it was really nice that the soup base wasn't overly salty as well (unlike the miso ramen on the menu), and because the flavour is pretty light, it is really drinkable if you want to finish the soup! 😁

The noodles were firm yet springy and they do not clump together, so we really loved the texture. We also loved the char siu served with this dish, as the meat was really tender and it came with a layer of juicy fats that was really delicious. There were definitely no regrets upgrading to the Full Special for the two additional slices of pork!

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